U2 Concert

Volunteer for the U2 Concert while supporting concussion awareness

U2 Concert June 20th

Who: The Student Athletes for Educational Opportunities (SAFEO), Inc is seeking volunteers 18 year of age and older.

What: We’re seeking volunteers to help in concession stands and beer portables at FedEx Stadium for the upcoming U2 concert.

When: June 20th at FedEx Stadium – 1600 FedEx Way, Hyattsville MD 20758 – From 7-11pm.

Why: SAFEO is a DC based non-profit that receives percentage sales donations from the food and beverage sales at FedEx Stadium to support our charity, the “I Promise” Concussion Awareness Campaign. The mission of the campaign is to increase awareness, conduct outreach and promote safety for our young student athletes.

How to register: Participants must complete the online Responsible Alcohol Service (RAS) training form. Please following steps below to complete the training questionnaire. You cannot volunteer without completing the form.

Levy Responsible Alcohol Service On-Line Training

Go to:  levy.restaurant.org

Enter Password:  Levy

1st step. Enter your personal information

2nd step. Choose FedEx Field as the property location from the drop down list: FedEx Field

3rd step. Choose  Non Profit for your job title from the drop down list: Non Profit

4th step. Enter SAFEO as the Non Profit Group Name

5th step. Enter your employment history
After completing the employment history section, click “begin” at the bottom of the page.
Once you have completed the training and submitted your answers, you will be instructed to enter an email address, please enter: rwalston@levyrestaurants.com

Once the questionnaire is completed and submitted please let us know via our contact page.

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