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The Sideline is a publication, with story line columns that capture the interest of readers across demographic characteristics, offering features in sports, educational resources, news, career opportunities, entertainment and fashion. By selecting The Sideline for your advertising needs, current and new customers will be alerted to your latest promotions, campaigns, events, sales and coupon cut-outs, ultimately driving traffic to your website and business.

With an established online readership and fan base reaching over 5,000 of our members, student athletes, parents, coaches, professional athletes, corporate sponsors, donors, community residents and supporters, your ad campaign will also reach this group of consumers.

Breaking News! At the request of our devoted readers, The Sideline is now both an online and hard copy publication expanding its production to six editions per year, with a new hard-copy launch of 20,000 units per edition. It will be available FREE at several venues, including area schools, recreation centers, libraries, Boys & Girls Clubs, professional sports arenas;, business offices, athletic departments of local colleges, the waiting rooms and lobbies of local hospitals and clinics, and more! The new hardcopy version will have an attractive glossy appeal with no “story jumps” and will offer a variety of ad space opportunities.

Below are the advertising rates which outline a range of options for your consideration.

Thank you for considering The Sideline for your advertising needs. A SAFEO representative will be happy to assist you in developing an advertising plan catered to your budget.

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