A Million Bottles to Inspire Millions


Join SAFEO and G4 Beverages (G4) as we strive to inspire millions  with the ‘Million Bottles to Inspire Millions’ campaign. G4 has joined the SAFEO team as a partner in educating the public about the importance of safety on the field and cognitive health. The goal of this campaign is to extend the reach of the I Promise Campaign to further educate current targets while introducing G4’s Kleer Water product to the public. Kleer Water is an alkaline based water that yields a number of health benefits on and off the field. To find out more about Kleer Water, visit the G4 Beverages website by clicking here.

To reach the campaign goal, we are striving to sell a million bottles of Kleer Water! A portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting SAFEO’s long-standing I Promise Campaign – allowing us to do the following:

  • Continue our outreach efforts in lower class communities
  • Host educational events geared towards educating parents, students and facilitators on health, safety and concussion prevention
  • Fund our ‘Keep Your Head Up’ Scholarship designated for young student athletes who have suffered a severe concussion and can no longer play sports – but aspires to further his or her education.

Join us today as we strive to inspire millions! Visit our contact page to find out how you can get involved!

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