Become the Ultimate Washington Football Team Volunteer

Since 2013 SAFEO has served as a partner with the Washington Football Team Charitable Foundation. The partnership helps the organization raise sustainable revenue that supports our many programs and services through volunteerism. As a partner we are charged with providing FedEx Stadium “Game Day” volunteers to serve as food stand customer service reps In the DREAM SEATS section and other food and beverage stands. You may even get the opportunity to see the game up close from the Dream Seats section.

As a volunteer participants can serve as cashiers, cash handlers, food preps, runners and other vending station positions. In addition to working in the Dream Seats Section; participants are needed in vending stands like: Johnny Rockets, Papa John’s pizza, Ben’s Chili Bowl and others locations.

The volunteer opportunity is open to both adults and students. Students that participate can receive up to 100 SSL Community Service hours for the entire NFL season. We only require that each participant is at least 16 years and older and attend a 1 hours orientation session. We also encourage businesses, government agencies, churches and other organizations to select a game or two to volunteer as a group.

To join Team SAFEO’s volunteer roster click here.

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